Training Courses

We train public information officers (PIOs) and government social media managers the skills they need to engage with their communities.


These aren't just classes. These are real life skills.

Hartwood Creative's courses are designed to give you hands-on, real life experience so you can walk away and directly apply them within your agency. You will walk away knowing how to handle a media relations situation with confidence and grace.

Students walk away confident and ready to take on the next big thing

Media relations and social media management are important for incident response, but what about outside of that? Students in our classes are able to better understand how to handle social media management, media relations and content creation. Whether its crisis communication, recruitment or a feel-good story, our goal is to help them be prepared.

Jenny brought a wealth of knowledge and industry insights, and her astute strategic thinking was evident throughout our collaboration. She consistently provided creative and innovative ideas that helped elevate our social media presence and engagement. 

a wealth of knowledge

Jenny really helped lay out a very doable plan I felt empowered to implement right away and could leverage for future projects. Her excitement for this project really helped infuse some hope into my own role - it can be a bit lonely at times to manage social media solo and it is easy to feel burnt out, Jenny helped greatly in that regard.

I felt empowered

I highly recommend Jenny to anyone needing social media management services, especially for law enforcement agencies, as her unique blend of professional experience and up-to-date knowledge on social media/marketing best practices was truly impressive. 

truly impressive

Jenny has a lot of knowledge and experience, and her delivery is very relatable. Our entire staff that attended this training walked away very pleased that they took her training course.

knowledge and experience

Your examples were very engaging and really made it easy to undrestand the do's and don'ts for each platform and for social media as a whole.


Your training was phenomenal. I took away so much more than I had expected.

Thank you so much

This course checked all of my boxes. I feel that the course broke down each of my concern areas and challenges into achievable steps.


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