This course is designed to teach Public Information Officers (PIOs) within law enforcement, fire service and government agencies to gain the skills they need to handle any media relations scenario.

This is a hands-on course course that will prepare students for their work as a PIO, both during and outside of an incident. It is designed for students to walk away with strategies and systems to implement immediately within their agency.

Topics include:
✔   How to prepare for a media interview
✔   How to prepare to film your own video, especially for social media
✔   How to right a script
✔   Crisis communication
✔   Media relations
✔   Building a PIO strategy
✔   Writing for different platforms
✔   What to have in a PIO kit

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No matter the type of interview, be prepared and confident as you go into it. Understanding what the media wants will help both sides achieve their goals.

media relations

Building relationships make PIO work much easier. Learn who to connect with and how to work together.

build relationships

It doesn't matter what the incident looks like. When things go sideways, learn how to be ready so you can hit the ground running.

planes, trains and autos, oh my!

Learn how to plan ahead and build out your content so you have it on hand when you need it most.

NO knee-jerk reactions

With so many options to reach your community, know where to start and how to build a following.


Be the voice your community looks to when it comes to communication and train your audience where to find your messages.

BE the trusted source

The public wants to know what is happening within their community. It is our job to tell the story.