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How Annual Planning Saves My Sanity

It really does…year after year! Before I started annual planning, things were pretty chaotic. I felt like I was constantly playing catch up or simply working around looming deadlines. I realized I was functioning on chaos and stress – two things I wish didn’t exist in my world. I knew I needed a new approach.

That’s how annual planning came to be a staple in my world. Both at work AND at home. Understanding more about your busy seasons allows you to better plan for them. Trust me when I say that planning truly make a big difference.

Whether you’re planning massive projects, launches or intricate details of a plan, knowing the how-what-where-when-why (and putting them on paper) can help to streamline your process. And with any hope, decrease that stress level.

I’ve put together this guide to annual planning, which outlines the main components I focus on when I’m doing this. It allows me to prepare myself mentally for things I have coming up and give myself the time to produce them.

You can easily use this tool for all projects – big and small – to help streamline your timeline or how you complete it. Think of everything you have going from social media content (all year long) to that annual newsletter you produce that takes so much of your time.

Your time is valuable and it’s time to get it back. Click here to get the Annual Planning Guide!