This course teaches government agencies to effectively plan out and schedule their social media content in advance. It is designed for students to walk away with strategies and systems to implement immediately within their agency. 

This course specifically focuses on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Topics include:
✔   Using analytics and social listening tools to create content your audience wants to see
✔   How to create a content calendar
✔   Templates to help you plan out consistent content 
✔   How to incorporate social media strategy into the planning process
✔   Creating a social media campaign
✔   How to plan out social media content monthly, quarterly and/or annually
✔   How to continually create content your audience needs and wants

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Planning Workshop

Use social listening and analytics tools to understand your audience's needs and create content directly tailored to them.

Use social listening

Learn how to embed your social media strategy into your messaging each and every time.

Use your strategy

Creating social media content takes a lot of work. Learn how to create consistency in your content calendar.


Learn how to build a content calendar to keep you on track, whether you are planning on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. 

Create a content calendar

Learn how to build communication campaigns that not only work within your social media platforms.

Start to finish

It is essential to use social media to your advantage. Learn how to use it as a tool that continually works FOR you.


Planning your social media content in advance will save you time in the long run.