One-on-One Support

One-on-one services are tailored to the needs of each individual agency. Whether agency-specific training or some VIP support is what you need, Hartwood Creative is dedicated to helping you succeed. 

Need to have social media content at your fingertips to use on a regular basis? These VIP Weeks are designed to take the workload off your shoulders.


Want to create buy-in among your personnel? Tailored trainings help to understand social media, communications and "the why" behind it.

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Want a deep dive into your online presence? This audit ensures your messaging is effective, comprehensive and cohesive.

strategy audit

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strategy audit

Want a deep dive into your online presence? This audit ensures your messaging is effective, comprehensive and cohesive. 

This Strategy Audit includes:
✔ Initial 60-minute Zoom call to understand your goals, overall brand and struggles 
✔ A full report, identifying any gaps or weaknesses, plus tailored suggestions on how to bridge them
✔ Discussion with any team members to go over the results of the report (up to two hours)


Agency-specific training

Creating buy-in is essential when it comes to communications. Your personnel are your biggest ambassadors, so helping them to understand "the why" of what you're doing will only amplify your efforts. Whether your message needs to be heard among your communications staff or your rank-and-file, it is important to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Training is tailored directly to the needs of your agency and can include, but is not limited to:
✔ The importance of branding
✔ Social media best practices
✔ Social media content creation (including creating it on site!)
✔ Crisis communications


VIP WEEK - $1,500

This is like hiring your very own social media manager! Includes one 60-minute zoom session to strategize and determine your goals and one 45-minute zoom session recap. At the end of your week, you will have tailored content to put your social media plans into immediate action.

Want a customized content calendar to use whenever you need it? You determine the goals based on what messages you want heard and the rest is handled for you!

✔ Custom social media content calendar for 2 months
✔ 24 total posts that can be used on various platforms
✔ Captions optimized for any/all of the following platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
✔ Curated hashtag bank to have at your fingertips for all of your social media content
✔ Custom list of photos/videos to be used in each post
✔ 10 Reel ideas, including audio suggestions

content planning VIP week includes: