Government agencies:

Government communications, whether during incident response or community relations, is imperative. Hartwood Creative offers a variety of services specific to the public sector, including:
  • Website + social media audit
  • 1:1 coaching to create and establish strategies, plus training on how to sustain them
  • Social media content and templates
  • Communication and marketing strategies 
  • Trainings specific to your agency

Private business:

Running a business is a lot of work, especially if your marketing strategies are not working for you. Services specific to private sector include:
  • Website + social media audit
  • Marketing strategies and plans

Training courses:

In-person training courses are available for law enforcement, fire service and government social media managers and Public Information Officers. Course descriptions may be found on the Trainings page. Online courses for both government agencies and private business are coming soon.

Contact us today to ask about which service may be right for your agency and how to get started.

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